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ALP Landing Page for: PM ESOL 2

Instructor: Surya Ishaya

Meeting Times:

Mon - Thurs; 6-8:15 pm Eastern

Office Hours: 10 -3 pm Eastern

Phone:  515-329-6040





Class Notes:

A tablet or laptop works best for these online classes! We will be using zoom, so please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure that your video and audio are working by the time the class starts.

Course Syllabus:

Welcome: Introductions, greetings, learning about each other.

Community: Definition of community, who is in it, and how to describe it.

Well-being: Describe needs/wants and what we need to feel safe, healthy and cared for.

Food-nutrition: What types of foods are good for us and how can we access them?

Civil Rights and Women’s Rights: Defining civil rights, including women’s rights, and how to advocate for ourselves.

Civic Engagement: Organization of the government and what are our rights and responsibilities.

Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship: Instructions on how to use the computer and internet and how to navigate these safely and responsibly.

Course Rubric:

Course Rubric: (Mandatory)



Satisfactory (2)

Needs Improvement (1)

Unsatisfactory (0)


Language Proficiency

Speaking and Pronunciation

Communicates with occasional fluency and pronunciation issues, but is still able to express ideas. Participates in conversations with some hesitation.

Struggles with pronunciation and fluency, leading to difficulties in communication. Participation in conversations is limited.

Communication is largely hindered due to poor pronunciation and fluency. Minimal participation in conversations.


Listening Comprehension

Understands basic spoken language, but may require repetition or slower speech. Comprehends straightforward discussions but struggles with more complex topics.

Has difficulty understanding spoken language, even in simple contexts. Often requires significant repetition and clarification. Struggles to follow discussions.

Unable to comprehend spoken language, even in basic contexts. Cannot follow discussions or instructions.


Engagement and Participation



Active Participation

Participates intermittently in class activities and discussions. Contributions are limited and lack depth.

Rarely participates in class activities and discussions. Minimal contributions to group work and discussions.

Does not participate in class activities, discussions, or group work.

Collaboration and Interaction

Occasionally struggles to collaborate with peers. May dominate discussions or exhibit limited engagement. Group work may be challenging.

Often has difficulties in collaborating with peers. May disrupt discussions or struggle to contribute positively. Group work is often problematic.

Does not collaborate with peers. Disrupts discussions and group work consistently.

Assignments and Preparation

Assignment Completion

Inconsistently completes assignments on time. Effort and understanding vary.

Rarely completes assignments on time. Demonstrates poor effort and understanding.

Does not complete assignments.

Preparation and Readiness

Sometimes comes to class unprepared, with a limited understanding of the materials. Lacks consistent readiness.

Often comes to class unprepared and demonstrates a lack of understanding of the materials. Readiness is a significant issue.

Consistently comes to class unprepared and lacks even basic understanding.

Technology and Etiquette

Technical Proficiency

Experiences moderate technical difficulties with online tools and platforms. These issues occasionally impact participation.

Struggles with using online tools and platforms, leading to significant disruptions in participation.

Consistently experiences major technical difficulties, hindering all participation.

Online Etiquette

Occasionally displays unprofessional or disrespectful behavior online. May have some issues in tone or communication style.

Frequently displays unprofessional or disrespectful behavior online. Significant issues in tone and communication.

Consistently displays unprofessional or disrespectful behavior. No adherence to online etiquette.

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