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ALP Landing Page for:  PM ESOL 3

Instructor: Naida Valentin

Meeting Times:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Office Hours: Saturdays (by Appointment)

Phone: TBA





Class Notes:

ESOL Level 3 is a beginner-intermediate level course; evening classes will meet remotely on Zoom.

Course Syllabus:

Unit 1: Welcome/Who Are We? (3 weeks)

  • Who are we as individuals?

  • Who are we as a class?

  • How can we learn more about one another?


Unit 2: Community (3 weeks)

  • What is a community?

  • Who is in our community?

  • What is in our community?


Unit 3: Well-Being (6 weeks)

  • What contributes to our well-being?

  • What do we need to feel safe, healthy, and cared for?



Unit 4: Food/Nutrition (5 weeks)

  • What is nutrition? What types of foods are good for us?

  • How can we access nutritious foods?


Unit 5: Civil Rights and Women’s Rights (6 weeks)

  • What are civil rights?

  • How have women fought for rights?

  • How do we advocate for ourselves?


Unit 6: Civic Engagement: What are civics? (6 weeks)

  • How does government work?

  • What is our role/what are our rights and responsibilities?


Unit 7: Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship (6 weeks)

  • How can we use digital resources responsibly and to enhance our lives?

Course Rubric:

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