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ALP Landing Page for:  Level 5 ESOL

Instructor: Ingrid Maria Pimsner

Meeting Times:

AM Class:

Monday-Wednesday 9:30-12:30


PM Class:

Monday-Thursday 6:00 PM – 8:15 PM

Office Hours: By appointment

Phone: (857) 285-3845





Class Notes:

Feel free to contact me via email or text me

at (857) 285-3845. I look forward to hearing

from you!

Course Syllabus:


• Ourselves as individuals, Telling others about

ourselves, Learning about one another


The Art of Talking

• Networking, Small talk, Telephone etiquette,

Elevator pitches, Language registers, Public



Building Relationships

• Identifying our community, Identifying resources

in our community


America Today

• Civics 101, US government, Our role/rights and



Understanding our Past

• Human Rights in the USA: Black History Month,

Women’s Rights


Confronting our Present

  • Current policy issues


Designing our Future

  • Career Skills: Excel, Web design, Innovation and Imagination, Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship

Course Rubric:

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